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Welcome to CUIT ! 














One of the top200 universities in China

Consistently high levels of student satisfaction

A friendly and engaging community with students from over the world

Outstanding academic and social facilities

One of the most beautiful university campuses in Sichuan province

Located in the capital city of Sichuan province, Chengdu with easy access to anywhere


This prospectus tells you about the university, its facilities and courses and introduces you to some of our students and alumni. To find out more, visit our website at or get in touch. Main contact details can be found on the inside back over.



Subject areas 




Atmospheric Science College   

       Atmospheric Science

       Applied meteorology                                                             


Management College  

       General administration

       Public utilities management

       Labor and Social Security

       Information management information system

       Human resource management

       Project management

       Tourism management


Computer College   

       Digital media technology

       Computer science and technology (computer application)

       Computer science and technology (computer engineering)


Software Engineering College

       Software Engineering


Optical Technology College   

       Electronic science and technology                              

       Optic information science and technology

       Applied physics

       Materials Physics


Controlling Engineering College    

       Measurement, controlling technology and Instruments

       Electrical Engineering and Automation

       Automation (Industry automation and building automation)


Logistics College   

       Logistic management

       Logistics engineering

       Electronic commerce                                               


Foreign Language College



Information Security Engineering College   

        Information countermeasure technology

        Information Security

        Network Engineering

        Internet of things

        Information security


Mathematics College

        Information and computing science

        Mathematics and applied mathematics


Statistics College   

        Statistics (government statistics)

        Statistics (Actuarial and Financial statistics)


Electronic engineering college   

        Electronic and Information Engineering (Signal process)

        Electronic and Information Engineering (Atmospheric detection)

        Electronic and Information Engineering (Applied electronic technology)

        Electronic Information Science and Technology

        Lightning Protection Science and Technology

        Biomedical Engineering


Business College      


        Financial Engineering

        Accounting (accounting)

        Accounting (certified accountant) Accounting (ACCA)

        International Economics Trade

        Financial Management


Resource and Environment Engineering College      

        Science and Technology of Remote Sensing

        Environment Science

        Environment Engineering

        Geographical Information System

        Surveying and Mapping Engineering


Culture and Art College   

        Artistic Designing

        Social Work

        Chinese language & literature

        Chinese as a Second Language


Telecommunication College


        Telecommunication Engineering


Living in CUIT

At CUIT, we are fortunate in having one of the most beautiful sites in China, creating an exceptional environment in which to study and live. Our main Hangkonggang campus and Longquan campus boasts 120 hectares of landscaped parkland and still shows signs of its previous life with its green open spaces, lake, meadow, rare trees and garden campus.


The university continues to expand and transform our facilities and estate through a multi-million investment programme.Our aim is to create twenty-first centry facilities for our students whilst sill preserving the beautiful landscape of campus and the University’s heritage. One of the best aspects of life on campus is the tangible sense of community; there is a typically relaxed air about the University and a genuine willingness to help and support one another. This ensures that students settle in well and are as successful as possible in their studies.





CUIT and surrounding area


The term of ‘campus university’often conjures up an image of university miles from anywhere but this is not the case for the University of CUIT. Our two campus sites-hangkonggang campus and Longquan Campus -are located on the edge of Chengdu city and are within an easy walk or bus ride of the city Centre.




Shopping and food    


The nearest shopping area is just 10minute far from Hangkonggang campus; it is called as Beijing Hualian shopping area. You can buy anything you need over there. There is also a 10-screen cinema, restaurants and cafes.


If you want to eat out campus,you will find everything from mezze to burgers,tapas to vegetarian dining -and if the budget stretches, even a hamburger king restaurant surround!






For sports lovers, CUIT is diversity in many sports program, such as basketball, football, badminton, Chinese Pingpang ball, as well as tennis.



Our Location

   Please  CLICK HERE            to getting the transportation guide.  


How could International Students apply for CUIT  

University of CUIT, over 60years international education. We have a long tradition of welcoming international students, with diverse body of students represents many different cultures and backgrounds. Students and staff benefit from a stimulating, vibrant and multi-cultural environment.


International Exchange & Cooperation office

Our team works with international students from outside China including those who study with us over shorter periods of time such as Chinese culture students. We focus on the international interest and reputation of the University.

Some of the services we provide to international students include:

  •Provide information about majors and send JW201/202 form for overseas students.

  •Pre-departure information and advice

  •airport ‘meet and greet’service at Chengdu Shuangliu international airport at the beginning of the academic year.

  •Welcome Week and orientation programme for new international students.

  •Organizing of hospitality schemes which enable students to visit Chinese homes.

Furthermore, all international students are welcome to visit CUIT international Office and meet us.


For students from outside China, the International office is happy to advise you.check out  to see where you can meet us next.

Alternatively contact us below:


Tel:+86 (28) 85966899





We are lucky to have a residential campus with most students living on both campuses. The university offers a wide range of accommodation and international undergraduate students are guaranteed a place for their first year, after that, you can choose to live a place outside campus. It is very important that any student, on receipt for an offer and wanting accomodation,should apply to the international office by the deadline given.


Financial support

Funding is limited and you are advised to investigate possible sources of funding as early as possible. For information on scholarships, please see the MONEY MATTERS pages. You can also visit the CUIT international office website to find country and province specific information on scholarships and links to funding sources.


Practical preparations Finance and fees    


All students pay fees and living costs, and you should ensure that you have sufficient resources for both well in advance of coming to CUIT. The academic fees for one year for international students studying full-time are as follows,


Degree course:18,000yuan/academic year  


Chinese language and culture course: 12,000 yuan/ academic year  


Fees cover registration, tuition and examinations. They are payable either in full at the start of each academic year, or by two instalments, due in September and March. Every international student should buy insurance before entering class, which is as 800 RMB per year in usual. Arrangements can be made to pay your fees in advance for the whole duration of your course at the rate quoted for the first year. If your course extends over three or four years, you should bear in mind that costs may rise during this period. Some courses have particular expenses that must be allowed for such as filed trips. Your department will make you aware of these.


Additional funds are needed to cover the costs of accommodation, food, books and other expenses incurred whilst following your course. Living costs very according to the individual. The estimated costs quoted below should be used as an approximate guide only. Some students will live on the amounts quoted quite easily whilst others may find that they need more.

It is likely that a single international student beginning a course in September 2014 will need at least RMB800 per week. We recommend that international students should be aware that an extra allowance of up RMB500 should be made for other expenses on arrival. The figures quoted are the minimum.


Travel and entry arrangements


You should contact the Chinese Embassy, high commission or consulate in your own country for advice on the requirements for entry as a student to the Chinese and should ensure that you set aside sufficient money to cover the cost of both the outward and return journeys.


If you are recruited, you will have JW201 or JW202 form which is important for you to get F visa into China. Do let CUIT international office know when you are planning to arrive.




'Life at CUIT,  Home to your future !'




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