Foreign Teacher Management Methods

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Foreign Teacher Management Methods

Chengdu University of Information Technology


  1. These following measures have been formulated in order to strengthen the management on foreign teachers on the base of “Regulation on the Recruitment of Foreign Cultural and Education Experts and Teachers of Institutions of Higher Education” by China Ministry of Education and Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and relevant rules and regulations and in accordance with the reality of the university.

  2. Basic principles of foreign teachers’ management: recruiting in many ways, selecting the best by the examination, employing according to the law, strengthening the management, making full use of foreign teachers’ advantages, and pursuing practical results.

Management Functional Department

  1. Both International Office and Colleges which employ the foreign teachers are responsible for the management and their specific duties are as follows:

  1. During the teaching period in CUIT, International Office is responsible for the contracts, including contract signing, procedures for entering China, ensure the payment of salary and welfare, and organizing cultural investigations, etc. Colleges are responsible for teaching affairs. International Office and colleges cooperate with each other on foreign teachers’ evaluation and solving their life problems during their tenure so as to provide better service thus they can in return improve their teaching quality.

  2. International Office is responsible for offering foreign teachers discipline education in foreign affairs, making sure foreign teachers strictly abide by Chinese law and teach in accordance with the law. International Office shall safeguard lawful rights and interests of foreign teachers and ensure them to enjoy the same rights as other domestic staff.

  3. Colleges are responsible for assessing foreign teachers’ teaching works, and making sure the positive results of employing foreign teachers are achieved.


  1. Employment Requirements:

    The candidate should be under the age of 60 in principle, healthy and without any records of serious disease. Candidates must have no bad habits or crimes. He or she must have a bachelor degree or higher degree. Relevant professional background is required if teaching in some professions. Candidate with teaching experience is preferred.

  2. Employment Procedure:

  1. Employment methods: International Office employ foreign teachers according to the demand of the colleges, colleges recommend candidates and etc.

  2. The Primaries: The International Office conduct primary selection based on received resumes and the qualifications of the candidates, then recommend the selected candidates to colleges for further interview or professional examination.

  3. The Reexamine (Professional Examination): colleges examine candidates’ professional foundations, teaching ability, elaborative faculty, knowledge and give comments on teach.

  4. Physical Examination before working: any employed foreign teacher should take physical examination in the specified hospitals and if one has chronic disease, infectious disease, mental disease and the disease which are diagnosed as not suitable for working, he or she will not be employed. The behavior that one takes work without taking a physical examination or passing it is prohibited.

  5. The International Office makes final decisions according to the related laws and the reexamination comments of colleges, and consults with foreign teachers about salary and welfare.

 III. Before the employment, the foreign teachers are required to fill in the Information Form on Foreign Teachers honestly. Employment background will be investigated and if the foreign teacher once broke the regulations or dismissed out of other abnormal reasons will not be hired.

Contract Signing

  1. Foreign teacher who take the post shall sign an employment contract with the university, and the contract signing must observe the principle of equality, voluntariness and consensus, and shall not violate relevant laws and administrative regulations. International Office is responsible for organizing contract signing with foreign teachers, archiving file, and coordinating and supervising its implementation.

  2. Except for relevant personnel of International Office, no department or individual has the right to discuss or promise off-contract conditions and salary treatment with the candidates.

  3. International Office, on the half of CUIT, signs the employment contract with foreign teachers. And this contract must use a frame contract of the university, including employment term, teaching post, teaching hours, teaching place, salary, job responsibilities, safety responsibility agreement, and liability for breach of contract.

  4. The employment contract stipulates that the first 3 months shall be the probation period. During the probation period, if the candidates cannot meet the demand of the post, or unable to complete the teaching task. The termination of the contract shall be informed to the candidates a week before the end of probation period.

  5. In accordance with the relevant provisions, in principle, foreign teachers ’ employ contracts must be one-year contract, and once the contract is signed, the candidates will formally become a member of the college and under its management, and if there are any breaches of the contract, the college should timely notify the International Office for coordination.

Salary and Welfare

  1. Foreign teachers are encouraged to work for long-term in the university. There is an increase in salary based on the annual work assessment and price inflation.

  2. If the foreign teacher voluntarily takes workload over stipulated amount, subsidy standards and payment methods may rearranged accordingly.

  3. The salary of foreign teacher is reckoned from the day when their classes begin, and is monthly paid in accordance with the contract. The receiving of the last month’s salary requires them to complete relevant procedures for leaving university. The damaged and lost items have to be compensated (normal depreciation of objects does not count), otherwise the compensation will be deducted from their last month salary.

  4. Foreign teachers should be in accordance with the “Individual Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China” to pay personal income tax which will be deducted by the university according to the relevant provisions.

  5. The university purchases special medical insurance including serious illness insurance and hospitalization insurance in China for each foreign teacher (accompanying family numbers are not included). The university will pay the fees on medical examinations before their taking work in China but not include those abroad.

  6. In the first year of each foreign teacher, the university will reimburse one round trip international flight tickets (economy class) one week after the expiration of the contract. If the duration of employment is less than a year, but more than one semester, half of the tickets costs could be reimbursed. If the duration of employment is less than a semester, certain amount could be reimbursed based on the actual situation. If the teacher continues to teach at the university after one-year contracts expiration, he or she will get 8,000 yuan travel expenses per year.

  7. Foreign teachers will receive final comprehensive assessment of teaching. The university will reward those who are outstanding or have made outstanding contributions to the university.

Teaching Management

  1. Each college should assign cooperative teachers for foreign teachers to help them in teaching, scientific research, life and organization, making sure foreign teachers are clearly instructed, effectively managed, informed with unimpeded information and properly served in place.

  2. Colleges should fully organize foreign teachers to participate in staff training, foreign publicity, bilingual courses, construction of foreign websites, English Corner, competition guidance and other activities according to their expertise, and assist our university and each college to carry out international cooperation and exchange activities.

  3. Colleges should fully tap the foreign teacher’s scientific research ability. Foreign teachers are encouraged to publish academic papers in the name of teaching staff of their colleges, invited to do textbook editing, helped to apply for research projects, and allowed to make use of their resources on carrying out academic exchange and cooperation.

  4. Foreign teacher should conscientiously fulfill teachers’ responsibilities, complete teaching related work, and accept work inspection and supervision from our university and colleges.

  1. Foreign teacher should organize teaching strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements, makes full preparations for every class, write and submit teaching outlines, teaching plans and other teaching materials on time;

  2. Encouraging foreign teachers to introduce advanced foreign teaching experiences and teaching methods, introducing high-quality foreign language materials, but forbid preaching irrelevant content in class in the name of teaching;

  3. Strengthening the management of students’ attendance and classroom disciplines, making assignment and grading them carefully, finishing related work on student’s examination proposition, making and recording as required;

  4. Paying attention to the appearance, and be punctual to every classes, do not be absent from classes without a proper reason. An illness or personal leave requires reporting to the office of colleges in advance and manage works of transferring classes;

  5. Foreign teacher should not do any part-time jobs outside campus without the university’s permission. If necessary, foreign teachers should apply and get permission from the International Office and their colleges, and ensure that part-time work does not affect the normal work.

Daily Life Management

  1. The university provides foreign teachers with individual apartment, equipped with basic living utensils. The foreign teachers have other requirements on the apartment. For those foreign teachers who arrange accommodation by themselves, the university will give 300-500 yuan RMB for housing and transportation subsidies every month.

  2. The Security Office of the university is responsible for security work of foreign teacher’s apartment. The International Office and the colleges should cooperate with the Security Office by regularly checking on the dormitory potential safety hazard, and offering by security education on preventing fire and theft and others.

  3. Without the consent of International Office, foreign teachers should not accommodate others and transfer their apartments to others during their trips. If such situation occurs, International Office will deduct 500yuan a day from foreign teacher’s salary for accommodation fees in accordance with the management contract.

  4. Foreign teacher should save on water and electricity in the apartment, which the university will pay certain part of charges. The university will give a telephone a subsidy of 200 yuan per year. Foreign teachers need to keep apartment clean and tidy and compensate according to the cost if facilities in the apartment are lost or damaged due to teacher’s personal negligence.

  5. Pay attention to fire and theft and beware of any accidents, if any accident do happens, foreign teachers should contact the International Office immediately, and promptly call the police when any serious accident happens.

  6. The International Office and colleges should organize cultural and festival activities for foreign teachers, inviting them to participate in all kinds of entertainment, sport activities with other teachers and students in the university.

 Exit and Entry Administration

After the expiration of the contract, foreign teachers should move away from the university apartment within 10 days after accomplishing the hand-over procedure in the relevant department of the university, pay up all kinds of fees and return the university’s property before leaving.

Integrated Management

Foreign teachers should abide by Chinese laws and decrees, education policies, measurements and related regulations and respect our customs. Do not promote any religion or attract believers in teaching places and other public places in any form. Do not involve in or incite other people in any activities that endanger China’s national security in the name of investigation or other form.




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